My Qualifications

So that you can be sure that your order is in good hands, I will briefly explain my background here. Through
English studies with my bilingual (German and French) minors in history and European studies at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, I was able to acquire extensive knowledge in both languages. In addition, through the fact that I studied in the bilingual city of Fribourg, I was constantly exposed to the French language. Furthermore, I spent several months in France and in the English-speaking as well as the French-speaking part of Canada.

In France, I spent several months in Montpellier in order to take the internationally recognised DALF C1 language diploma. In Canada I also obtained the prestigious Cambridge Advanced Certificate in Vancouver, before spending a semester at the University of Ottawa as part of my studies. After this semester I decided to do an English-language journalism internship with the local NGO Social Justice Connection in Montreal. I also studied for a semester at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon in the frame of my current translation degree, which I will be finishing at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Germersheim in Germany. The programme in Dijon put a special focus on subtitling, which has become a specialty of mine. 

However, a good knowledge of foreign languages is not enough to deliver high-quality translations into German. Because ultimately a professional translator always and exclusively translates into his/her own native language. That is why a perfect command of the native language is of even of greater importance. My minor in German Studies was a great help in gaining this qualification, as well as my six-month internship in the online editorial office Nau Media AG in Bern, Switzerland. By writing articles every day, I was able to greatly improve my written expression.