Translation and Subtitling in Altdorf UR

Your Subtitling Expert

The subtitling of films is becoming more and more important. They support the learning of a language or make it possible to watch a film in its original language. Last but not least, they make an important contribution so that hearing-impaired people can also understand something of the action.

In addition, subtitling your videos can improve your SEO ranking. Search engines can only recognise text. If there is text in your videos, they can be found in Google through the subtitles. This gives you more traffic on your website and ultimately your video will be distributed much faster and more widely.

I offer transcription and subtitling of films in the original language (German, English and French) as well as translation and subtitling of dialogue from English, French and Swiss German into German. Be it film production, documentary or portraits, I subtitle them all.

Translation and Subtitling in Altdorf UR

What are good subtitles?

You can recognise good subtitles by the fact that you can enjoy the film without getting the feeling that you are only reading. To achieve this, we have to find the right combination of the amount of text shown on the screen and its reading time. In addition, of course, the quality of the translation must be maintained at a high level.

To create high quality subtitles, I follow industry standards:
  • Maximum two lines per subtitle
  • Maximum 36 characters per subtitle
  • Simultaneous display of the subtitle with speech
  • Display of the subtitle for at least one second before it fades out
Does that sound too technical for you? No problem, that's what I'm here for, so you don't have to rack your brains over it. Subtitling is a specialty of mine. Just send me your non-binding request. The cost of subtitling depends on whether the film has already been transcribed and on its length.