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Your professional English-German and French-German Translator and Subtitler

Dear Sir or Madam
I would like to offer you my services as a professional translator for English and French. As a German native speaker, I translate exclusively into German, which enables me to guarantee high quality into the target language. I would be happy to undertake translations for you in the following areas:Both areas emerged as my particular strengths during my years at university and through internships. Thanks to my internships in journalism, I learned how to write appealing, interesting texts. After all, you want readers to finish the article after reading the first few sentences and not move on to the next one bored. These daily tested writing skills are also of great use for translating because the translated texts should be as well written as the original. I want to make sure that the translation for your project has the same effect on a German-speaking audience.

For all translations I use CAT tools , which ensures consistent use of the terminology appropriate to the project. This not only increases the quality, but also the quantity, because using CAT tools can save a lot of time, which ultimately benefits you too. With me, you get quality and quantity in one.

Your Subtitling Expert

As already mentioned, subtitling films is also one of my strengths. During a semester at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, France, which specialises in subtitling, I studied the subject in depth. I learned how to write good subtitles and how to "spot" them into the film in an appealing way. I was able to apply and consolidate these skills in several projects and am happy to be able to do the same for you.

A distinction is made in subtitling between "closed captions" and "open captions", the latter being rather rare. "Closed captions" are subtitles that can be switched on and off, whereas "open captions" are firmly connected to the film and cannot be switched off. In addition to transcription and translation of the foreign languages English and French into German, I also offer these services for Swiss German into German.

Producing good subtitles is a time-consuming process, even if the final product doesn't appear to be. Depending on the case, the spoken dialogue may need to be transcribed before translation can begin. Transcribing and translating alone takes a lot of time before the subtitles can be inserted. The so-called "spotting" is a technical process, because the subtitles must not be too long so that the reader has enough time to read without being too busy reading at the same time.

It is this fine balance that must be maintained. This often requires the subtitles to be shortened, sometimes severely, in order to meet technical requirements. At the same time, care must be taken when shortening that the core of what is being said is not lost. Sounds more complicated than you thought? It isn't, if you have an expert at your side to take care of all this for you.

Translation and Subtitling in Altdorf UR

In direct contact with your translator

Is customer proximity important to you? Good, because it is important to me too. By choosing my services, you benefit from dealing directly with the translator, i.e. with me. This means that you can communicate your wishes and comments directly to me instead of having to go through a project manager first.

Because I am a project manager, translator and CEO all in one. So when problems arise, you don't have to spend a long time looking for the right person to contact. Likewise, there's no need to keep repeating your problem while you struggle to find the responsible person. I, on the other hand, am only an email away.