Price calculation

Several factors play a role in the price calculation. As a rule, prices for translations are calculated per line, whereas subtitling is calculated per video minute. In addition, the following points are also important to consider for translations.

  • Field of expertise: A highly specialised text requires more specialist knowledge and, accordingly, more effort than a general language text.
  • Research effort: Of course, for a good translation, the subject area should be researched in detail. If you provide me with materials such as glossaries for the translation, the effort is reduced many times over, which benefits you when calculating the price.
  • Delivery time: If you need your translation as quickly as possible, it also leads to an increase in costs. This is because an express order is prioritised above all other orders.
For an exact price calculation, please contact me without obligation so that I can send you a cost estimate.


  • 2,00 - 2,50 CHF per line

Subtitling (transcription not included)

  • German - German: 15 CHF per video minute
  • English - English: 15 CHF per video minute
  • French - French: 18 CHF per video minute
  • Swiss German - German: 18 CHF per video minute
  • English - German: 30 CHF per video minute
  • French - German: 35 CHF per video minute